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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are close to break another TF Loyalty Bonus record, many already are earning. Go see for yourself

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Michael U Dolgoruky

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We would like to present to you due to the extensive expansion the list of products/services where you can use the TF$

Product/Service Name: Gold Membership - 1 month
Product/Service Owner: RPAssociates Ltd
Amount USD: 16.00
Amount EUR: none
Amount TF$: 8,00
TF$ Trading : up to 25%
List Value: USD
Conditions/Notes: Mother of all Autosurf Sites. JV Partner with UBIEE SEO PRO.
UBIEE TF$ Value: 1TF$ = 1 EUR
Web URL:

Monday, March 15, 2010

We would like to present to you due to the extensive expansion the list of products/services where you can use the TF$

Product/Service Name: UBIEE SEO PRO - Customer Upgrade 3 month
Product/Service Owner: UBIEE Corporation S.L.
Amount USD: 14.97
Amount EUR: 10,99
Amount TF$: 10,99
TF$ Trading : up to 25%
List Value: EUR
Conditions/Notes: Customers can not promote UBIEE SEO PRO - Includes an Non-Exclusive TF$ Trading Floor
UBIEE TF$ Value: 1TF$ = 1 EUR
Web URL:

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Did you always wanted to up Win against email Spam?
Did you ever wondered where your Spam originated from? Wanted to control and legally Challenge the originators? We Have the solution for it.
UBIEE Earthmail. Come to our SWOM Group and learn more about it from one of the agents and ask them.
Is this the future of online marketing paying with a virtual Peace eCurrency that does not give you money but provides you with Credit Enhancement around the Globe?

You should check it out. How the TF$ share Credit Enhancement with an included very simple Customer Loyalty Bonus that enriches your Credit Enhancement by simply login into your own free TF-Benefactor account. Great advancement for the human evolution on how to deal with extended borders that need to be competitive with the Off and Online Trade. The TF$ closes the gap between those markets. They can be used online and offline. Join for FREE get paid and learn by doing. It pays in the end to be informed and understand a business like the TF$ trading Floor. A platform to sell the earned TF$ to the Public or just your Own Customers. Pretty amazing. Believe me.

Best regards

Dr. Michael U Dolgoruky
UBIEE Corporation S.L.
Founder & Chairman

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
UBIEE-Freunde Deutschland. Hallo mein Name ist Torsten Litla und ich habe es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht UBIEE und im speziellen UBIEE SEO PRO für jederman verständlich darzustellen. - UBIEE and Its Members Join Here!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 We have hit a record high in earning from our Customer Loyalty Bonus
Date Logins Earnings 3/2/2010 2145 780,16 TFs

Monday, March 01, 2010

January 29th 2010 the TF Customer Loyalty Program was Initiated and since then I have had Many Customers Logging in and receiving their fair share of TF's and using them to Upgrade and add URL's to the system.

Just Today, March the 1st I had 1 WEBIEE add 4 URL's because they have earned with this fantastic Customer Loyalty Program more than enough to add even more.

Just a few days ago I had 1 WEBIEE Upgrade to a Lifetime membership, also because of this great Program.

This is just a part of what is happening to me and a couple of my customers, many more are doing the same thing, and it will get better as more and more UBIEE SEO PRO members learn what they have at their fingertips.

To me, it is a way to create your own money, just like a money tree, just for the taking. All you have to do is Login, and then refresh your Browser or press F5 and immediately you have earned more TF's, and you can do this Many times each day according to your membership level, you can see how many times if you click on UPDATES in your back office.

1 TF is equal to 1 Euro in advertising and upgrading, and more and more companies are already using this TF (Virtual Money) for purchasing their product.

My Advice, Do not be left behind here, Login to your UBIEE SEO PRO back office you can do it right here if you like plus you can contact me on skype if you like and I will help you.

2010 is yours for the taking, so step forward and take control.

The North American CEO for UBIEE Corp. S.L.

Gary Wells