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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noël
from the UBIEE-HQ

Friday, December 19, 2008

We have added and the
A great Weekend wishes you the UBIEE HQ.
A nice and harmonic Christmas Season to all of you that read this message. Remember UBIEE?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

have a great start of this week. That all your wishes come true or at least the important ones.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Bill Gates Method: How to Save Detroit From Itself

Resistance in the US Senate has stopped a bailout of Chrysler and General Motors -- justifiably, since American automakers are not just short on cash, but short on soul. Only a full reconfiguration can save Detroit now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Friday, December 05, 2008

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UNDER THE SCOPE - That Sinking Feeling: Global Crisis Hits Shipping Industry Hard..

.. Shipping benefits from globalization more than almost any other sector. But this has also made it more vulnerable to the global economic crisis. Freight and charter rates have plunged, jobs at shipping companies are being cut and many ships are being parked for months at a time.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

UNDER THE SCOPE Fast-Forward Warming: Point of No Return for the Arctic Climate?

UNDER THE SCOPE Fast-Forward Warming: Point of No Return for the Arctic Climate?

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising much faster than elsewhere in the world. Researchers now say it may be the result of a dramatic shift in global climate patterns. If they are right, ice at the North Pole may soon be a thing of the past.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks UBIEE Ambassadors Great 189th UBIEE ENVIRO CONFERENCE Great participation and look forward to the announced Leaders meeting wednesday
Starting our 189th UBIEE ENVIRO Congress in 15 minutes.
Starting our 189th UBIEE ENVIRO Congress in 20 minutes.
Starting our 189th UBIEE ENVIRO Congress in 30 minutes.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Infinite Loop in the Brain. Wouldn't it be great to be able to remember everything?

To see all our most important moments, all the priceless encounters, adventures and triumphs? What if memory never faded, but instead could be retrieved at any time, as reliably as films in a video store?

The Law and the High Seas: Germany Looks to Battle Pirates

NATO has promised to send ships to the Gulf of Aden to work with a planned EU force against pirates off the coast of Somalia. Russia's navy has called for more cooperation from the West, while Germany works out just what its sailors can do.

Interview with Notorious Lawyer Jacques Verg? 'There Is No Such Thing as Absolute Evil'

He has met Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Che Guevara. He defended 'Carlos the Jackal' and Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie. Jacques Vergès, 83, is probably the world's most notorious attorney. His latest client is Khieu Samphan, the former head of state of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, who is on trial for war crimes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Keep the $2 Trillion Promises: Obama and the Ballooning US Debt..

By some estimates the total cost of Barack Obama's campaign promises could come to $2 trillion. The new president will have to disappoint many of his voters --

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

if the post does not show click again. We rotate the important posts for News. Just click it again. Currently 4 message in the Rotation A Blow against Basque Terror Group: Will ETA Now Become Even More Violent? ...

November 18th 2008 INTERVIEW WITH UN CLIMATE EXPERT YVO DE BOER 'The Finance Crisis Will Affect Climate Policies'

November 18th 2008 INTERVIEW WITH UN CLIMATE EXPERT YVO DE BOER 'The Finance Crisis Will Affect Climate Policies'

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, discusses how the current financial crisis will dampen national initiatives to curb greenhouse gas emissions and why he still has hopes Kyoto targets can be reached.

To Continue to read click on the link below

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Full Text of Declaration: Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy

Full Text of Declaration: Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy

G-20 Meeting in Washington: The Good Intentions Summit

G-20 Meeting in Washington: The Good Intentions Summit
In the end, delegates to the financial summit of industrial and emerging economies delivered a closing statement without any concrete decisions. Host Bush has nothing left to say as the world eagerly awaits his successor Obama. What is clear, though, is that G-20's influence will grow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I wish all my friends a great Weekend. Have fun with Xmas approaching quickly. Go shopping help your economies.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Lethal Legacy of World War II - UNEXPLODED BOMBS IN GERMANY

Germany remains contaminated with unexploded bombs that are becoming increasingly unstable with age, warns one of the country's most experienced bomb defusers. The deadly legacy of World War II.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

UNDER THE SCOPE :New World Order: Chancellor Angela Merkel's Financial Summit Wish List

UNDER THE SCOPE :New World Order: Chancellor Angela Merkel's Financial Summit Wish List
When Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives in Washington, D.C. on Friday for the global financial summit, she will be well armed with reform proposals. From increased oversight to a global risk map, SPIEGEL ONLINE has the details.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



The World President: Great Expectations for Project Obama

The World President: Great Expectations for Project Obama
The challenges facing Barack Obama are enormous, and the first African-American president would be well advised to remain focused, modest and realistic. The enormity of the crises he must address are clear to his country and the world. Is he up to the task? A NEW DOMAIN AND HOMEAGE ADDED TO THE UBIEE PORTAL ADDED successfully. A NEW DOMAIN AND HOMEAGE ADDED TO THE UBIEE PORTAL ADDED successfully.
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A Brand NEW UBIEE Song Video has been posted to YouTube

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Monday, November 10, 2008

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good Morning World! 7am here and
Check this URL See what it does. Regards Michael
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Happy Birthday to my friend and UBIEE Executive Gary Wells from Kansas.

Friday, November 07, 2008

China's Third World Challenge: Rich Nations Should Pay for Green Technology

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao opened a climate conference in Beijing on Friday with a call for industrial nations to pay for green technology in the developing world. Westerners are skeptical, and the UN says nothing will change until America shows its cards.

UNDER THE SCOPE: US in the Middle East

Arab League Wants New Course from Obama
Barack Obama still has more than two months before he moves into the White House, but the world's expectations of the president-elect continue to be ratcheted upwards. Now, Arab League General Secretary Amr Moussa says it's time for the US to change directions in the Middle East.
I wish all my friends a great Weekend. Please have fun and enjoy whatever you like to do. regards Michael

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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Obama's Historic Election Victory: The Resurrection of the American Dream

Obama's Historic Election Victory: The Resurrection of the American Dream
Barack Obama owes his election victory to his art of hitting the right tone. Other candidates were louder, more aggressive, more experienced. But Obama made America a promise at a time of crisis. He must now show that he can keep it.

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UBIEE Leaders Meeting JOIN and Change the World
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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I am showing Miss Dany from UBIEE how works. I am sure she loves it.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

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International UBIEE POWER TEAM Meeting #184 20th Octber, 2008

International UBIEE POWER TEAM Meeting #184 20th Octber, 2008

Dr Michael - I would like to Welcome you all to the #184 UBIEE ENVIRO Conference. This is Dr Michael from HQ and with me is Joe and Chelo. I want to wish you all a great day, and hey, there is another week ahead of us, and again this week we have done quite a few different things. We have implemented New Tools and Services, we have Updated some established things, we are looking into the Future and hopefully it will be a rosy one for all of us, but we do have to bear in mind the current situation on the World Market.

The Financial Crisis I mentioned a few weeks ago is certainly happening, and it has a big impact certainly on our Activities, because we are in the process as you know of establishing an International Debit Card System with the Banks, but of course at the moment it is really, really hard to negotiate anything because they don't even know if they will be around next week. I do want to Officially let you know that "People who have Earnings in PIF, we will be making alternate Pay-Out Options available", and we will probably be considering getting the whole Process started again by January, so hopefully by that time, everything is back into some Form of Normality.

Meanwhile we have "Alert Pay, MoneyBookers, Egold and in certain circumstances PayPal" like we have with the ENVIRO Project. We will have a "Minimum Amount to qualify for this", so please bear it in mind. We have not done this yet as it was not in our Plans at all, and I will need to discuss this with Joe the best way to do this for All of us. As for the PIF.BC People on the International side, please have enough patience to wait things out, it is Not Your Problem, Neither is it Our Problem, so for those who have earned money it will be made available, so please bear with us, we will implement this and programme it in, and those Options will be available.

For my part, all I can say is that for me, it was a very exciting last week, certainly I can see a lot of Activities going on, I am really impressed with the response we are getting from Facebook, and what you are all doing in Facebook, it is pretty impressive. UBIEE, as a Team is just wonderful, and hey, it is great to have you all with us.

From the FUTURO-Plan side, I am a little disappointed with the Results so far, especially as I asked you last week to attempt to get "1 Person a Day to make a simple Registration on the World Peace Petition, and I don't see that many People actually followed this, so I must admit that I am a little disappointed because it is not much to ask to go and get someone there. I know there are only 3 or 4 People who actually followed this, Dany, Joe, Marcia and myself, the rest have more or less ignored it, or have been unable to get "1 Person a Day to Sign for World Peace. You can't just rely on Links posted somewhere, and hope Someone goes there and actually Signs. I am talking about getting Somebody in the Chat and asking People personally to go there and Sign it. I think we can all do this, it is not that complicated, "It Is All To Do With Attitude."

The most important thing for our Human Race is World Peace, anything else could really become secondary if we do that right - "1 Person a Day" - how many Executives are we? Once you present the FUTURO-Plan You have the ability to talk with them about what it is. I did truly expect a few more of you Guys to get excited, considering that it is a Programme for the World, it is something that I requested, asked You to follow up with and it isn't really complicated to get "! Person", just remember how much Trust and Belief I have in You, to do All those things with You, so please, somehow get Your Mind around those things, "World Peace Solutions - not World Peace Ideas" like many others have.

"It IS a Solution for World Peace, and really the Most Important Thing That I Can Imagine." I am not asking to get 500 People a Day, if you can, even better, "just to find 1 Person Every Day." If we can do that, and teach Other People to do the same, we are Not asking for Money, but a True Commitment to something that will help us All. As Tim will probably be shooting out soon, I would now like to pass the mic over to him

Tim Henderson - USA - Thank you Dr Michael. I believe it is a good Monday, maybe Tuesday for some of you and I Welcome Each and Everyone of you, to this #184, it is exciting times here in UBIEE, and here at the PIF.BC., the FUTURO-Plan is moving along slowly, but we are visible if nothing else, we have created a little buzz, it is all in the Follow-Up just like anything. I repeatedly send my Invitations to the same Folks until they do it, they may get tired of seeing it, but we will move on from there Dr Michael and get some more Folk for you, I am positive about that.

I tell you I am looking forward to the things that are coming, I did see that the Market made a little swing back here lately, but that is going to happen, up and down, but one thing stays constant, and that is the UgN, we are always positive for Mother Earth, we are looking ahead, we have Big Ideas, we are the Creators of Our Own Destiny, we can't forget that.

The UBiee PowerPill, what can I say, I have a Preliminary Report back from my Retired Ford Motor Mechanic, and he said he has noticed in the 1st week the Power Increase which is good, and he knows that it will do the job internally with the Valves and such, so it is good that he has that knowledge, he is waiting to give me his "mpg", but I know that the UPP works for him, and he will be back, so things are moving up. We have new little Programmes going, we are building the FUTURO-Plan, there is so much to do, so much going on, and so much Positive.

We had another Person Cycle today, Benny, I Congratulate him, and I can tell you things are looking good. We are growing still, I mean we are knocking on the Door here, and looking at the PIF.BC, you know People can still get in there, you know the way in, and I always try to stress that, to the People that can afford things at this time. We are up to 2389 and it is looking good.

For my part, I have my UBIEE Atlanta Blog Spot done, and I am trying to make sure that I go there and Update every week or so to let the Folk around Atlanta know what UBIEE is up to with our Solutions for Gas and the World Peace Petition, I will put it all on there and let them soak it up. For me, things are growing, its positive and looking good, and it is a pleasure I can tell you. It is a privilege to be here with UBIEE, and I really believe in that more and more as time goes on, because Nowhere else can You have a say in what goes on, You can make an impact on the Environment and Your Pocket Book, that is one of my Favourite Lines and it is true. Mother Earth benefits, we all benefit, I thank you Dr Michael and back to you.

Dr Michael - Thank you very much Tim, that is a good Slogan, I can imagine People would certainly look up to that. Bear in mind we are not alone, we have loads of things on our side that we are actually making better, we are giving more Information, and we are providing Make-Ups to all those Great Ideas that we have. One of the things that I have found to be very important is "the Real Follow-Up" so People really get to understand what we are doing.

What is the Understanding for us in UBIEE? I did write a few Informational things on the UBIEE Site, especially on the FUTURO-Plan. I am not sure if you have had the chance to read it up in Facebook. Please feel free to copy parts of it and use it, because it does give a good explanation about what are our happenings, and what are our next steps.

One of the things that has already happened this week is the incorporation of a Sponsorship, we have officially authorized the Promotion of our Sites and all the Webs have been forwarded, we have also implemented a New Programme to raise Funds for the FUTURO-Plan. Many of you have already joined it over the last 24 hours, it looks pretty good and Money is already coming in to some of you. We have implemented a Special Rotator and Joe will give you some more Information over the next days.

There may be a little Update later today about how this will work, some People have already received the benefit from the Rotator and things have been put in there, and I must say "Well done again Joe" on this specific Tool, and also the UBIEE Pc, the Solution for anything you need on the Websites, is also something we have achieved, just this week. For the present, there won't be any other big things added, we will have that at a standstill for now and concentrate on making what we already have, work even more smoothly and harmoniously together.

We will have as you know, the Rotator Options for all of us to join the different Programmes, say you are in a Programme and want to join all those things together, so that you have the combined forces of a Rotating System, then you will certainly be looking into this feature, because it has proven to be the most effective way of promoting for Individuals, because UBIEE is a creation of a Rotator. UBIEE is a creation where we join People together, in 2004 that specific Rotator brought over 20,000 People into UBIEE and Everybody has benefitted from it.

I am pretty sure that those of you who are in the Rotator, or have been in the Rotator, will remember getting all those Emails where we let you know that Somebody had signed up. That was the principle of UBIEE, that is how we got strong, and now we have a "BestRotator, " which is a Service we will explain in more detail later. More things will be added but there won't be a lot of additional things that you will have to learn, because I think with what we have, the UBIEE CRM and the UBIEE Pc you have plenty to catch up with.

We have the Main Sites, WebHosting, we have the whole lot together, the Email Marketing, UEP, we have quite a range now of Opportunities, actually 5 of them at the moment as you can see on There will be a 6th added very soon and that will be the FUTURO-Plan, you will see that Fundraising is the key for all of us, which will certainly make the World go round, and we have to be grateful that we actually have the ability to do something, not just something for our own Money Pockets, but something which I think is most important, and that is to help Mother Earth, a Cleaner Environment, to help our entire Solution for the Planet with World Peace, and to provide a SPAM Free Opportunity for People to use.

Even if People still don't understand it, they will get around to it, and I am pretty sure that as soon as the Economy stabilizes we will get back into Full Swing with our negotiations, setting the things up that we have made ready, but you really don't want to go stepping forward when you don't even know how much some of the Banks are involved, because those of you that remember, we were working with the Royal Bank of Scotland, and for those of you who have followed the News, The Royal Bank of Scotland lost about 70% of their value in just about 1 week. Many of us said Oh My Gosh, here it goes forever.

So there are a few Problems that have occured that were not really visible at that time, so again for those of you who came in late that have Earnings there, when you reach the Normal Pay-Out amount Cycling, we will make available alternative ways of paying you. We will have to look at this, and see which will be the easiest way to do it. We did not plan this, we had hoped to have the International Debit Card for the International Market, but that is how it is, Life sometimes changes things around.

With this in mind I would now like to call up on Gary in Kansas. Gary you are doing an excellent job with the Conferences and everything that you have been doing with Tim and Steve, really firing People up. I love what I see there, and the Promotions and effort you are putting in, is just marvellous, so Thank you for all the things you do, and I pass it on to you.

Gary Wells - USA - Thank you Dr Michael, it is always a pleasure to do what we can, to help UBIEE and the UgN where we are always Helping Others, Helping the Environment and working towards a World Peace Solution. I know that all of you feel the same way that I do, I just continue to talk to Everyone, whether it is on the Internet, or whether it is face to face about what UgN can offer. In doing so, you won't always have someone respond right off the bat, but once they see that you mean what you say, and that it is just not a phase that you are going through, then they will eventually come around.

I know that in the past I have been involved in many other Opportunities, and that probably is one of the Problems I face with some of the People that I talk to now, in that they feel it could be a phase and it will blow over - they think he won't bother me with that any more - but that is not true with UBIEE, because as I have said in the past, I will be UgN all the way till there are daisies on my grave.

I believe the new Item being introduced, The Cash Leveraging System is going to be a great Tool for each one of us, plus a great Tool for the FUTURO-Plan, so I am integrating that as quickly as possible, so that All the People I correspond with will know what it is all about. I believe I have 2 and a 3rd Person getting ready to come in, so anything that will help The FUTURO-Plan as well as giving us the Opportunity to talk to more People about UBIEE and UgN, Helping Others, Helping the Environment and Helping towards World Peace is very worthwhile.

Anytime we get a chance to put a foot forward and let Others know what we can do for them, we have done our part, but we always need to work smarter, I mean you can work really hard and not get very far if you are not working smart. We have to pay attention to the things Joe brings to mind in Facebook, and things we can do that Dr Michael brings to our attention - always work smarter and not necessarily harder. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here today, that shows you are truly interested in what UBIEE is all about, Thank you Dr Michael for the mic and back to you.

Dr Michael - Thank you very much Gary, I appreciate your comments, it is about working smarter in what you are doing, because we Can do so much more if we think ahead of what we want to achieve, and eliminate those obvious tasks that take a lot of time. "Time" is the most precious Gift we have, and we should use it as wisely as we can. I know that there is a lot of compromise from many of you in what you are doing, but I also realize that some of you need to go to the next level of working smarter for yourself, and for the rest of the Team, and as you do so, you will see that you will have different results.

How can I explain that in an easy way? You have to be a good example for People to follow, it is like Education for our Children. How can I explain this to convert it into something that we do on the Internet?

Let me give you an example - we all know that when we have Children, we say to our Children "Just tidy up your Room, clean up this and clean up that" - We tell them - but - are We a good example - do We have our own things done correctly - because if not - We are looking for Miracles - because only if We can be a good example will our Children do the same. "People will copy what You do."

The consistency for example of "1 Person a Day" for the FUTURO-Plan is really not complicated, it is the way you approach things. We all spend endless time on computers, or many of us do, or outside of computers, and it really is not complicated to say to Someone "Please go to , Register and put your Signature on that World Peace Petition. If People do not understand it at the moment, it does not matter, just let them go there and Sign, so that they are aware that there is something.

If Everybody already knew what it is, we wouldn't need to do that, We are the Creators of a Solution for People to learn about it, the Solution is already there, the Formula WILL work Everywhere. Now is the time to really introduce it, now is also the time to get into swing for the UBiee PowerPill, and I can tell you Our Hispanic Team is certainly in a great swing when it comes to Promoting and Selling The Product, and they are earning money with it.

They have a really powerful Team that is working together and doing their part, and regardless to say they have plenty of People in the Team capable of contacting People and saying "Would you do me a favour, please go to Register and Sign", it could be just that simple. World Peace as a Solution needs your constant commitment, if You Believe we can have World Peace, step by step we will - if You think we will never make it, then don't worry because we won't, it means you believe that things cannot be changed.

There is more in UBIEE than just Money, there is True Commitment by People who have a Vision. I think I have always been honest with you, "My True Initiative That Gets Me Going, Was and Has Always Been The FUTURO-Plan." I have had that longer in my mind, than my Family that I have now, The FUTURO-Plan is older than my Children, and the moment has come to put this to the next Level.

Where have You ever been in your own thinking in your past or present, at a more changing moment of History like you are right now, The World Financial System is on a Rescue Mission, on a remodelling as we say - Why? - Because things were wrong - things made the Poor - poorer, and the Rich - richer, and we cannot, and we shall not support it this way, it is now our obligation as true Humans, to take the Life that has been given us, the Power and the Sign of something that is important and od something with it.

We are Believers in God, He has given us the best Vision that He can, our Financial System that has cheated us for Centuries is struggling and rumbling, and we on the Internet, People like you and me have to stand up and let the World really know about it, let them know "That There IS a Solution, a Simple Monetary Formula 1x14x30 based on Simple Interest. Money comes in and they give you so much Interest - what is struggling is exactly that.

We have the Sign given to us, this is NOT just 1 additional Programme, this is a Call for All of us, certainly for Everybody involved, to wake up and tell People about it ask them to go and Sign there and wait for the next Information to come. That really is all that is needed, but we have to get the Word out, and as you do so and get the Message over, People will ask "what else are you doing, what makes you Guys do those things?

Remember it is a Solution we are talking about, it is NOT about something that is not important or an Article in a News Magazine, it is much more important than that, because I know that it WILL make the change, I know what Mathematics Will do, and I know what Mathematics means to all of you every single moment. Every second of Your Life, You are involved with Mathematics, and it is not complicated, that You can hear me now, is based upon Mathematics and 2 simple numbers "0 and 1", that is all it is, and what I have is a "0 and 1" for a World Solution.

Nobody has ever achieved anything like it, because we always wanted to suppress or take Something away from Somebody. Here We don't take away Anything, Nothing at all, but we can stand up and say to our Governments "Would you please put your Signature on this Decree, so that Every Newborn in our Country gets the amount they really should be getting, so that Parents can have a Dignified Life."

It will get rid of all those "Financial Problems, The Sign is there, it can't be bigger believe me, It Is Right In Front Of Your Nose, Don't overlook it because you are too busy in UBIEE. Don't overlook it, this is just the consequence of everything we have done in UBIEE over the past years, and Everything we have achieved as a Team together. It IS really that important, so see if You can Change Your Attitude a litle towards this, or you may be scared that You will become an Important Person that has converted Mother Earth into a Peaceful Civilization.

If You are afraid about it, and You are happy with the way you live and all the circumstances, then don't give it a Second Thought, BUT, if You think many things need to be changed, This IS the Answer, and all it needs is your enthusuasm from yourself to share it with Others and tell them to do exactly the same - Go there and Sign it - that is really what it needs.

Now I would like to pass the mic onto Joe to give you a little Update on what he is doing and implementing, and the reaction he is getting from all the Promotions he is doing apart from Programming.

Joe Green - Chief Executive Programmer - USA - Spain - Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to be here, and I do have a few things to share, and a few things I would like to talk about. First of all, I think Dr Michael really does a great job of explaining what the FUTURO-Plan is all about, and I would like to offer a little bit of my insight to it as well. I am not an Economist nor an expert in those things, so I won't pretend to be.

One of the things we have been hearing especially in America about the "Bail Out Money" is
Where does that Money go?
Why is it being paid back to the People who were greedy in the first place?
Why are these People being rewarded?
How come the Money is being centralized to the Upper Levels?
Why don't they just give that Money to Everybody in America so Everybody could have $10,000, $1million or whatever it is?

There are a lot of Reasons Why - One of the main Reasons "Why" is that it would help to move the Economy forward, BUT, People don't Loan Out Money the way Banks do.. Banks, when they have the Money in the Bank are able to "fractionally Loan the Money" and they actually "Create a lot more Money flowing around than just the Money they received, but that doesn't help Families who have got their Credit screwed up, damaged or whatever from the Predatory Loaning Practices that have been going on in America and in lots of other places in the World as well.

I just want you to think a little bit about the way The FUTURO-Plan puts things together, basically it involves, that "those Monies when Somebody is born, would go into the Local Community Bank, and that Money actually stays there for 30 years, and during that time, that Family receives "Interest from that Money", so what we are actually getting at here, is "A Solution for the Distribution of Funds in such a way where it benefits Local Communities and Banks, BUT it also "automatically benefits the Future Generation of People growing up. "It is a radical Idea, but it also is a very Simple Idea", and I really think that it is the Balance that is needed."

You might think "How can We get something like this implemented?" I can tell you I have been amazed just how things like that can happen, because People are People, and you will find them Everywhere. Especially on Facebook you will find how we are running into lots of People that are in Powerful Places and Positions, and not just in Facebook, but in Dr Michael's own Family History, and connections in the Financial World, he has it, so don't have any doubts about it.

What I have experienced in Facebook talking to People and recommending they come over, I am getting 1 or more a day. I have had a few times when I really did expect somebody to go and Sign it, but they didn't pay any attention to it. It is not so difficult to take a look at People once they have accepted your Friendship and take a look at what they are interested in, and what they are doing. People will really appreciate little comments or ways you can relate to them or the acknowledgement of what they are doing.

People are very grateful, and they will then listen to you when You say "Hey, we are raising a Petition and collecting Signatures to "help a Plan that will help Families, and change around the Direction of the Economy. Would you please just go and take a look at this and put your Signature on it, because we need All the Help we can get on that, to Help Build Support", or whatever you want to say, either at the end of your conversation, or in the middle of what you are talking about, and People are very receptive. I have found lots of different ways to make Connections to make those things happen, it is really easy to do, and what I like about it on Facebook is "that they are Real People", it is not a Fake Community, anyway there is a little bit of my insight on that.

With the Rotator, we do have a Rotator Site right now where we have put on "The Cash Leveraging Network "urls" that we have so far, and that is One thing I was reading about, and would like to do in that Cash Leveraging Network, and this is something that we have experienced, is that People are really familiar with Links when they see them coming across their Desks, and what it looks like to have an Affiliate ID attached to it "ID= , or tag= ", and this is how we have done things as well.

There are Services out there that will change that for you as well eg "tiny url" and some other ones as well, but there are not many of them that actually offer you a Rotator and the ability to generate Sub-Domains. I don't want to go into sounding too technical, but basically what it means - I will give you a real live example

Say you are Gary Wells and you have 2 or 3 different Programmes that you are promoting, and you may even have your Friends in there that you are promoting as well. Say you have a Traffic Exchange and you have You and Your 3 Friends in there, you could put them All on ", and then all You have to do is promote that - then You could make another one for a different Programme you have, eg. one of the UBIEE Programmes or whatever and promote "the base url." You can have "Custom urls" that give the impression that People are going to the Top Level of a Website.

What I mean by that is "if You own your own Website, You are the Webmaster or the Creator of it, You are out and promoting Your Links, You always just use the Website, "You dont use the ?tag=name" or whatever, because those are Identifiers that People can queue in on and say "Oh this is an Affiliate Programme, they want me to Sign-Up for it."

We have made a Rotator, a "bestrotator" and what I am going to do, is to take that a Level further, and integrate it in to our Portal Site. Our Portal Site has many different Domains that we have "all manageable in one place", and we have given quite a few of you, your own Portal Pages, I will also add the Feature so that we can have Domains on that System where we can Sign-Up, and we will also make this "a Paid Service."

We will provide it for our Executives as a Tool, and also a Paid Service as well, to be able to keep track, not only of the Traffic that goes through there, but also different Domains that you have in there as well. That is a Tool I believe will really help make the difference, because it allows you not only Promotions on Search Engines and all of this, but it will just help to make a better impression when you are out there and Posting Links. People will be more likely to "click" on something that really looks like you are the Owner of it, so that is a change I want to make for Everybody to make that possible.

In addition, we will be putting up a Page for the "Adspots" because we have had many millions of hits on those Adspots. We are "Rocking on the Traffic", we have lots of "Good Ratings in Alexa and Google, and we are getting more Google Alerts for all the Portal Pages." One of the things we did a way back a month or 2 ago was to put "Random Snippets and lots of Information about UBIEE and different things on the Portal Pages and the List of Domains that we have posted there.

That means that all those Domains are changing and triggering off Google Alerts and getting in traffic, and we also have additionally taken the Forwarder we have had going to for many years, and have put it on a similar Portal Page. So what that means is a lot of exposures to the Adspots Every day, and it is time to get those things up for Sale, and make a possibility for People to sign up for that.

I also want to mention that our "UBIEE Pc" is another great Solution we have added, and we will be adding that to all those UBIEE Portal Pages as well, so if you go to you will see that it has already been added, I have a few more places to go and add that as well, on Tims, and Gary's Pages etc so we can bring People into that. This UBIEE Pc is really one of the best things that I have seen in quite some time. The Pricing is really good, we are talking about a few Euros or less, I think it is 1.45 Euros that we have for the lowest Hosting Plan.

Anyone who is into Marketing "Web IT Solutions", and wants their Own Domain, and wants to do their own thing, refer them over to this and tell them confidently to check the Pricing here before they go looking around, this is certainly competitive, it has a great Control Panel and we also have a Reseller Programme with it, and we will go into more detail about it a little bit later on. There are certainly a lot of things happening here in UBIEE and I have my hands full. I am enjoying Networking and seeing what is going on out there, and am finding it is certainly a very advantageous time for many of the things we are doing, especially in the downside of the Economy and some of the Challenges People are going through.

You have to look at it, not so much like Selling something or adding to Anybody's burdens, or anything like that, Don't get into thinking that way, because the things that we have to offer, really are ways that People can not only make a living Online, which a lot of People need right now, but also "Save on their Gas and help the Environment." We have many Solutions that are very Competitively Priced, they are very Original, and they Make a Positive Difference, a Positive Difference on People's Wallets, a Positive Difference on their Life, and their own consciousness about what they are doing in the World.

I am proud, we certainly have many advancements and many New Avenues, I encourage All of you to keep on doing what you are doing, do it a little bit more vigorously every day, keep on going out there telling People, and bring it up in your conversation, because there are so many things that we are doing, that actually work right into what a lot of People out there are talking about right now.

In Facebook, I have really found that once you start to build up your Group of Friends, which is very easy to do if you spend 1/2 hour each day looking through Environmental Groups or different "Network Marketing Groups." If you look in the Network Marketing Group you will see that there are over 8,000 People in there that are Professional Internet Network Marketers, and once you connect with them, and I have connected with quite a few, you start to see, that really they are doing a lot of the same thing in their own avenues, like what we are doing, and they are very open to exchanging Ideas, Trading Information, and you will find that you will stumble across People that really have a lot of Connections.

If you go into "The Facebook Search", and you put in just a few Letters, I know you wouldn't normally do that, but if you search for just "a, a vowel or whatever", you will get a whole List of Your Friends at first, and if you go a little bit further, you will find People with many of your Mutual Friends, and quite often they are People who are connected to the UBIEE Members, but maybe aren't a UBIEE Member themselves, or People who share your Interest Group, or quite often you will find People who have 1,000's and 1,000's friends, so they will actually have Mutual Friends with Everybody, and when You make Friends with those People, they are actually a Contact to a whole lot of other People, because when you make a Post on their Wall, All of their Friends see that in Their Posted Items.

If You focus on connecting to People who have a lot of Connections, You actually get a lot of Connections as well very quickly. There are Simple Techniques to do this, and it doesn't take very much time, and you will find yourself spidering out into the Network and climbing your way up the Ladder, and I think it is a very Positive thing for All of us. Those are the things I wanted to share, we will be Updating All of you in the Chats with the New Changes and Updates as they happen.

Dr Michael - WOW, what a great Update. Thank you Joe for the really cool explanation about The FUTURO-Plan, about Facebook and about the Rotator, I would like to call up on some of you and see how You are doing, Do you have a Question about what we have so far explained, or is there Anyone who would like to have a bit more of an Overview on some of the Issues we have discussed today, if you do please go ahead and pick up the mic

Marion Hume - Australia - Thank you Dr Michael, as you have said, another exciting week with a lot happening. First of all I have an Apology from Bruce Harrington, he said he was really sorry he couldn't be here today. With The FUTURO-Plan, I know I have personally spoken to a dozen of my Friends but only 1 of them has Signed the Petition, looks like I am going to have to go back and keep asking until they do. I do believe in it, and I believe it has wonderful Soilutions, I have also sent out Emails through my Email 2.0 Command Center asking People to Register and Sign.

Another thing that has really come back to me this week, is just how great Email 2.0 is. I was sent an Email to my address, I hadn't checked there for quite a while as most of my mail comes to my Inbox. I wanted this Email so logged in to get it, and to my shock horror I found 32,801 Emails there that I hadn't opened. It was just like looking for a Needle in a Haystack - 99.99% of those were SPAM!! I deleted quite a few hundred of them to try and get them down a bit, but when I looked again this morning, even after I had deleted many, it was back over 33,000.

I am not the only one that gets SPAM, and I am sure other People have had similar experiences, I have deleted my ordinary Account with BigPond on my Computer as I was getting too much SPAM each day and am now just using my Email 2.0 Address and it is great. You know, when you really see something like that, you really appreciate the value of what we have in UEM.

The Cash Leveraging, I think is really great, I have received an Email this morning already, so I have had 1 Notice, that is exciting and it is a start. There is so much to keep up with, and so much to do, but in UBIEE, because we are a Group of Friends, we can come here to Meetings like this, and talk about what we have - it is really hard to put into words - but there is something in UBIEE for each of us where We CAN be Successful.

I would like to Thank Dr Michael, Joe, Gary, Tim and Everyone that is out there Promoting. I am guilty in Facebook, I haven't done as much as I should, but I will keep on doing what I can, and do my best. Thanks Everyone and God Bless.

Dr Michael - Thanks Marion, I would now like to call up on Pedro so that he can tell you some of the exciting things that are happening with the Spanish Team

Pedro Artigas - Pen Iberica - Spain - This has been a very good week indeed and we have had some good Sales as well. This morning, the first Call I received at Home was from the Government of Aragon, telling me that everything was OK, and we have given them the next Step, now they will have to get in contact with the People and choose their Vehicles, there will be 10 Vehicles, all the Vehicles will be from Huesca City and this is the first Step to get us into the Organization of every single Company in the Area. We will have a Special Deal with the Town Council that they will have to commit to, and we are going to work with them.

This is something really great, but it is only a small part of all the Activities we are doing, in the North with Pablo, we have at the moment 10 Town Councils ready to follow the Demonstrations that Pablo started 3 weeks ago. In the North as well, we have another Town Council the Letna one, this is another big Area, and then we have another important support with Charo, and she is talking at this moment with Truck Companies with 2 People from the Government in the Santender Area as well, and I think we are getting many, many Results.

Rafa has a very important Company as well, this is a Private Company, but it is a very important one, the size of this Company is so important, that many Companies, not only in Zaragoza but in many other Cities are going to use the Pill at the same time, because of the Owners of this Company. We are all working very hard, and we are in contact every day, not only with the Truck Drivers, but also with the Company, because we know that the PowerPill WORKS EVERY TIME we use it.

I would lilke to speak about many more things. Rafa is also very happy, he was telling me 2 hours ago about a Company with 100 Big Trucks, and that is not the only one because last Friday he visited another important Company in the area. It is important at this moment that we have to Pay Attention, and we have to Follow-Up and Take Care of the Companies. Little by little and step by step and we will see the Results in 3 - 4 weeks.

We have to Pay Attention to the Small Details, and We have to Take Care of the People and the Companies at the same time. We are doing the best we can, because this is what we are working for, and most important, I like to tell People that we are a very good Team. Every one of us is happy doing this kind of thing. As all the Members of the Team together we are building something very Special and Dr Michael gives his support to all of the Teams. I am very happy and excited as well and I have to say that I feel very proud to be part of this Team. Thank you very much.

Dr Michael - Thank you very much Pedro, yes I am certainly aware of what is happening in the different parts of the World about the Promotions, Sales and the way it has been implemented, how we are stepping forward and not standing still makes the difference and not giving up. Go back and Follow-Up with People, be precise on the simplicity things.

I have a Question for you, do you realize that we have a New Spanish Video for the UBiee PowerPill. I am not quite sure if you have all seen it already, if you haven't let me know and I will post you over the "url", it is quite an interesting way how this has been done. For those of you who don't have an Idea, you certainly get an Overview. It is a Spanish Video about 15 minutes long that explains the PowerPill in great detail and certainly a good support when it comes to explaining what the PowerPill really does.

I want to thank you for being here and spending your time with me and the others. It is a Monday, and another week ahead, I wish you all a great week and thanks for participating in this #184 UEC. This is Dr Michael from UBIEE HQ. Goodbye, Goodnight, Good Evening, Arrivederci, Au revoir, Sayonara, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Bon Nuit, Buenos Noches.

The Meeting was adjourned

The next International ENVIRO Congress with PIF Presentation will be held on Monday October 27th at 22 GMT

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to the PORTAL Domain UBIEE RotatorPRO FOR http://UBIEE.NAME and now earns money!
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Battered and Bruised: America Looks Beyond the Bush Warriors

In his two terms in the White House, US President George W. Bush has presided over a precipitous fall in America's reputation around the world. History is likely to judge him a failure. Now, his successor will have to dig the US out of a deep hole.
The World from Berlin: Congo Conflict 'Could Escalate Even More'
Obama and the Overseas Vote: Grassroots in the Age of Social Networking
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